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Subacute Unit

Physician Coverage and Discharge Planning

Physician Coverage

In most cases, the attending physician who cared for you in the hospital will be your physician on the subacute unit. In some cases, the subacute unit medical director will serve as your doctor. Please keep in mind that while you are a subacute patient, your doctor is only required to see you every 30 days. Most physicians do visit more frequently and some will visit daily. The nursing staff will assess your needs and will report any changes or problems to your doctor. The therapists and social worker will also keep your physician informed of any pertinent information.

Discharge Planning

One of the criteria for admission to the subacute unit is that you have a discharge plan in place. This plan may be to return home by yourself or in the care of your family or other caregiver, or it may be to transfer to an adult home or a long-term care facility.

At least once a week, a care plan team made up of all the people who have been working with you meets to discuss your progress, when we think you will be ready for discharge because you have either met your goals or no longer meet subacute criteria, and what your needs may be when you are discharged. You and your family are encouraged to participate in these meetings. Your nurse or any other team member can tell you when these meetings will take place.

It is important for you and your family to begin making any preparations for your discharge when you are first admitted to the subacute unit. Sometimes these preparations take time. When you leave you may need a walker, bedside commode or another piece of equipment. Sometimes you may need the services of a home health agency. Our staff will make these arrangements for you. If the team feels that you need 24-hour care and supervision or more help than can be safely provided for you at home, we will help you and your family choose an appropriate facility and will oversee your transfer.

The care and well-being of our patients and their families is very important to us. If you have any questions about the subacute unit, please contact us.

Contact Information

Subacute Care Unit
Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital
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South Boston, VA 24592

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